The disastrous unintended consequences of the war on drugs are so obvious even the UN Office on Drugs and Crime – the agency which oversees the current system – has been forced to acknowledge they exist. However, shockingly, neither they nor anyone else has ever properly assessed whether the costs of this war outweigh its benefits.

During this 50th anniversary year of the treaty that underpins the drug war, the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, the Count the costs website,, will become a major resource library detailing evidence of the harms it causes.

The website was divided into seven sections, one for every cost category: development and security, public health, human rights, discrimination, crime, environment, economic.

If you have any images, videos, reports, articles, web-links or other materials from anywhere in the world you feel should be here, please submit them to .

This collection will be expanded and updated over the coming year with support of project partners. The Count the Costs website is an evolving resource that will host examples of the devastating costs of the war on drugs. It is a work in progress which will develop throughout 2011. At this stage it can be viewed as partially filled library shelves that you can help to fill with appropriate material (see here for more information).