The Alliance for Fighting Alcoholism and Addictions is a NGO founded in 1993, one of the first organizations to work with addictions in Romania.



ANIT România – The National Association for Addiction Actions was born with the declared purpose of being active in supporting the addicted drug users. This therapeutic community is open to all those who wish to get in contact with a specialized psychologist and being treated discretely and anonymously.


ARAS – Asociația Română Anti-SIDA (Romanian Anti-AIDS Association)

ARAS – Romanian Anti-AIDS Association – was founded in 1992 in Bucharest by a group of young volunteers in view of the fact that the public health in general and the HIV/AIDS problem especially did not receive enough attention from the authorities.


Direcția Generală de Asistență Socială a Municipiului București

The General Direction for Social Work in Bucharest provides the implementation of social work policies and of protection and social work measures for people with disabilities, elderly people, people with noone to support them, for families and children and for any person in need.


Fundația PARADA  

PARADA Foundation is a Romanian NGO, nonpolitical, nonprofit, legally recognized by Court on 15th of February 1996, with the agreement of the Youth and Sport Ministry and recommended by the Culture Ministry, member of the Federation of Child Protection NGOs. The services provided by PARADA Foundation are set up as a complex cycle, meant to secure a complete and stable social integration of the beneficiaries, cycle to which the beneficiary is partner and through which all individual resources are.


Semper Musica

Semper Musica – activates in multiple areas: from supporting children and young people in need to counselling and development seminaries, from environmental activities to human rights, from all forms of art to basic services for vulnerable groups.


Sens Pozitiv

SENS POZITIV is a NGO centered on people who live with HIV/AIDS: to improve the quality of life of all HIV positive people.