Clinical hospital of Psychiatry Prof. dr. Alexandru Obregia – Psychiatry Department/Clinic of children and adolescents.

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Agenţia Naţională Antidrog – Integrated assistance programs Free services

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Assistance & treatment

Emergency phonecall: 112
Spitalul Clinic de Urgență Floreasca Calea Floreasca, nr. 8, sector 1, Bucuresti Tel:

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Spitalul Clinic de Psihiatrie Socola, Iaşi Str. Bucium nr. 36, Iasi, jud. Iasi Contact: Dr.Radu ANDREI, Free services

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Psychiatric treatment

Spitalul de Psihiatrie TITAN ”Dr. Constantin Gorgos” Str. Nicolae Grigorescu nr. 41, sector 3, Bucureşti

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Syringe Exchange

Asociaţia Română Anti-SIDA (ARAS) – Harm Reduction Center ( RRC) and socio-professional integration for drug users .

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testing for infectious diseases

Institutul National de Boli Infecţioase Prof. Dr. Matei Balş Str. Dr. C Grozovici nr 1, sector 2, Bucureşti Tel: Free services

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Asociaţia Română Anti-SIDA (ARAS) – Servicii de outreach (teren) Bucureşti – Ilfov Telefon: 0751.11.10.17 Schedule: 13.00 – 19.00; 20.00 – 3.00 a.m

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social reintegration

Clinica de Tratament al Adicţiilor Aliat din Bucureşti Str. Jules Michelet, nr.7, etaj 1, sector 1, Bucureşti

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Traveling With substitution treatment

Conform legislației românești, un pacient aflat în tratament substitutiv își poate lua tratamentul cu el dacă...

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12 May
Joint Statement of Civil Society Organizations in advance of the Thirty-Ninth Meeting of the Global Fund Board

Eligibility Position Statement 2018 updated   5 May 2018 On the 9th – 10th of May 2018, the Global Fund’s Board will consider revisions to the Fund’s Eligibi...

23 Mar
Open Letter to the National Antidrug Agency

We, the undersigned organisations, some of Romania’s most representative NGO’s in the field of drug prevention, treatment and harm reduction, are hereby notif...

14 Feb
Why The War On Drugs Has Failed

A new infographic on the failure of the war on drugs. (source:

8 Nov
Joint Statement of Romanian Civil Society Organizations in advance to the Thirty Sixth Meeting of the Global Fund Board

08 November 2016   Successful Replenishment and the Risk of Zero Allocations for a resurgent epidemic   At the 5th Global Fund Replenishment Conference in Septe...